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Current: Volume 34, No. 5, October 2014

cover for Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Systematic Reviews
Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of influenza: a systematic review and Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
[brief](228)  |  [PDF](215)

Clinical Studies
Use of Xinfeng capsule to treat abarticular pathologic changes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
[brief](166)  |  [PDF](168)

Effect of Liandouqingmai recipe on quality of life and inflammatory reactions of patients with coronary heart disease
[brief](189)  |  [PDF](185)

Clinical curative effect of fuzi-cake-separated moxibustion for preventing dysuria after operation for lower limb fracture
[brief](175)  |  [PDF](156)

Efficacy of Saam acupuncture treatment on improvement of immune cell numbers in cancer patients: a pilot study
[brief](157)  |  [PDF](155)

Use of gated myocardial perfusion imaging to assess clinical value of Xinmailong injection in chronic congestive heart failure
[brief](146)  |  [PDF](151)

Plasma amino acid profiling of cancer patients with abnormal Savda based on high-performance liquid chromatography
[brief](136)  |  [PDF](134)

Experimental Studies
Effect of catgut implantation at acupoints on GABAB and mGluR1 expressions in brain stem of rats with spasticity after stroke
[brief](131)  |  [PDF](137)

Effect of Sini San freeze-dried powder on sleep-waking cycle in insomnia rats
[brief](146)  |  [PDF](161)

Protective effect of Tanreqing injection on axon myelin damage in the brain of mouse model for experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
[brief](135)  |  [PDF](0)

Antioxidant activity and phenol and flavonoid contents of eight medicinal plants from Western Nepal
[brief](302)  |  [PDF](198)

Influence of Bushenhuoxue on podocytes of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis mice
[brief](152)  |  [PDF](135)

Correlativity between blood measures related to blood stasis blocking collaterals and gene expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme of renal cortex in diabetic rats and effect of stasis removing and collaterals dredging
[brief](125)  |  [PDF](136)

Establishment of safety evidence for XingxueŽ Shuxuening injection
[brief](133)  |  [PDF](146)

Using acupoint-to-acupoint penetrative needling to treat post- stroke spastic paralysis: a clinical progress review
[brief](155)  |  [PDF](144)

Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on oligoasthenospermatism: a narrative review
[brief](138)  |  [PDF](142)

Quality assessment of randomized controlled trials reporting on knee osteoarthritis treated with warming needle moxibustion
[brief](136)  |  [PDF](133)

Comparsion analysis of data mining models applied to clinical research in Traditional Chinese Medicine
[brief](118)  |  [PDF](132)

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