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Current: Volume 34, No. 2, April 2014

cover for Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Systematic Reviews
Qingkailing injection for the treatment of acute stroke: a systematic review and Meta-analysis
[brief](66)  |  [PDF](50)

Effect of Banxiaxiexin Tang on treatment of functional dyspepsia: a Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
[brief](82)  |  [PDF](58)

Clinical Studies
Clinical efficacy and safety of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with Western Medicine in patients with diabetic acute ischemic stroke
[brief](58)  |  [PDF](46)

Effect of externally applied Jidesheng anti-venom on skin and soft-tissue necrosis after Chinese cobra bite: a retrospective study
[brief](38)  |  [PDF](36)

Effects of Jianpi herbal suppository on hemorheology and CD62p in patients with ulcerative colitis
[brief](49)  |  [PDF](49)

Effects of five-element music therapy on elderly people with seasonal affective disorder in a Chinese nursing home
[brief](38)  |  [PDF](33)

Correlation between tongue manifestations and glucose, total cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in patients with acute cerebral infarction
[brief](33)  |  [PDF](30)

An magnetic resonance-based plasma metabonomic investigation on abnormal Savda in different complicated diseases
[brief](37)  |  [PDF](31)

Experimental Studies
Inhibitive effect on apoptosis in splenic lymphocytes of mice pretreated with Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) spores
[brief](43)  |  [PDF](40)

Chaiqinchengqi decoction regulates necrosis-apoptosis via regulating the release of mitochondrial cytochrome c and caspase-3 in rats with acute necrotizing pancreatitis
[brief](44)  |  [PDF](33)

Sedative and hypnotic effect of freeze-dried paeoniflorin and Sini San freeze-dried powder in pentobarbital sodium-induced mice
[brief](35)  |  [PDF](34)

Effect of Qilongtoutong granule on calcitonin gene-related peptide, beta-endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenalin in migraine model rats and mice
[brief](38)  |  [PDF](34)

Effect of acupotomy on nitric oxide synthase and beta-endorphin in third lumbar vertebrae transverse process syndrome model rats
[brief](29)  |  [PDF](34)

Autotetraploidy induced in Nianmaohuangqin (Radix Scutellariae viscidulae) with colchicine in vitro
[brief](26)  |  [PDF](26)

Effects of drying process of Yuanzhi (Radix Palygalae) on its bioactive ingredients
[brief](33)  |  [PDF](29)

Effect of polypeptide 2B1 on condition of dampness pattern in rats in terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine
[brief](36)  |  [PDF](38)

Effect of cold-dryness on pulmonary and immunologic function in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease model rats
[brief](37)  |  [PDF](33)

Effects of Radix Ginseng on microbial infections: a narrative review
[brief](38)  |  [PDF](30)

Insulin sources and types: a review of insulin in terms of its mode on diabetes mellitus
[brief](46)  |  [PDF](30)

Literature Study
Evaluation indexes for symptom changes in Chinese medicine
[brief](37)  |  [PDF](39)

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