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Current: Volume 36, No. 4, August 2016

cover for Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Clinical Studies
Effect of treatment course of comprehensive intervention with Traditional Chinese Medicine on mortality of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients treated with combined antiretroviral therapy
[brief](223)  |  [PDF](256)

Sugarcane bagasse dietary fiber as an adjuvant therapy for stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a four-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
[brief](172)  |  [PDF](210)

Effects of Feiwei granules in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: a randomized and placebo-controlled trial
[brief](495)  |  [PDF](234)

Efficacy and advantages of modified Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments based on
[brief](536)  |  [PDF](215)

Effect of ultrasound-guided acupotomy vs electro-acupuncture on knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled study
[brief](166)  |  [PDF](190)

Effect of electric acupoint stimulation on gastrointestinal hormones and motility among geriatric postoperative patients with gastrointestinal tumors
[brief](145)  |  [PDF](163)

Effects of basic traditional Chinese diet on body mass index, lean body mass, and eating and hunger behaviours in overweight or obese individuals
[brief](148)  |  [PDF](177)

Experimental Studies
Yiguanjian cataplasm attenuates opioid dependence in a mouse model of naloxone-induced opioid withdrawal syndrome
[brief](141)  |  [PDF](191)

Protective effect of Yiguanjian decoction against DNA damage on concanavalin A-induced liver injury mice model
[brief](142)  |  [PDF](179)

Lichong decoction reduces Matrix Metalloproteinases-2 expression but increases Tissue Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases-2 expression in a rat model of uterine leiomyoma
[brief](113)  |  [PDF](172)

Effects and mechanisms of Bazhen decoction, Siwu decoction, and Sijunzi decoction on 5-fluorouracil-induced anemia in mice
[brief](130)  |  [PDF](192)

Effect of Fanbaicao (Herba Potentillae Discoloris) oil on the expression of p21 and CDK4 in HepG2 cells
[brief](124)  |  [PDF](179)

Antioxidant and hepatoprotective activities of Dicoma anomala Sond. aqueous root extract against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in Wistar rats
[brief](147)  |  [PDF](174)

Diterpenoid Tanshinones, the extract from Danshen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae) induced apoptosis in nine human cancer cell lines
[brief](116)  |  [PDF](169)

Zebrafish model for assessing induced organ toxicity by Strychnos nux-vomica
[brief](177)  |  [PDF](177)

Breast cancer stem-like cells can promote metastasis by activating platelets and down-regulating antitumor activity of natural killer cells
[brief](123)  |  [PDF](165)

Experimental & Information Study
Information integration research on cumulative effect of 'Siqi, Wuwei, and Guijing' in Traditional Chinese Medicine
[brief](148)  |  [PDF](179)

Development of a valid and reliable seven emotions impairment questionnaire and assessment of its predictability for phlegm and blood stasis
[brief](125)  |  [PDF](174)

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