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Current: Volume 36, No. 2, April 2016

cover for Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Systematic Review
Efficacy and safety of Yinchenwuling powder for hyperlipidemia: a systematic review and Meta-analysis
[brief](113)  |  [PDF](230)

Danshenchuanxiongqin injection in the treatment of unstable angina pectoris: a systematic review and Meta-analysis
[brief](108)  |  [PDF](207)

Clinical Studies
Curative effect of acupuncture on quality of life in patient with depression: a clinical randomized single-blind placebo-controlled study
[brief](134)  |  [PDF](241)

Evaluation of anti-aphthous activity of decoction of Nicotiana tabacum leaves as a mouthwash: a placebo-controlled clinical study
[brief](79)  |  [PDF](194)

Reliability and validity of tongue color analysis in the prediction of symptom patterns in terms of East Asian Medicine
[brief](119)  |  [PDF](213)

Transcriptome analysis of blood stasis syndrome in subjects with hypertension
[brief](89)  |  [PDF](201)

Experimental Studies
Combination of ribavirin and reduning protects mice against severe pneumonia induced by H1N1 influenza a virus
[brief](81)  |  [PDF](196)

Extrusion process of Acanthopanax senticosus leaves enhances the gastroprotective effect of compound 48 / 80 on acute gastric mucosal lesion in rats
[brief](82)  |  [PDF](193)

Effect of Pingan Fang, a Traditional Chinese Medicine compound, on behavioral sensitization and conditioned place preference induced by ethanol in mice
[brief](108)  |  [PDF](222)

Uric acid lowering effect of Tibetan Medicine Rupeng15 powder in animal models of hyperuricemia
[brief](79)  |  [PDF](192)

Puerarin affects bone biomarkers in the serum of rats with intrauterine growth restriction
[brief](73)  |  [PDF](191)

Panax notoginseng saponins ameliorates experimental hepatic fibrosis and hepatic stellate cell proliferation by inhibiting the Jak2 / Stat3 pathways
[brief](84)  |  [PDF](197)

Inhibitory effect of oridonin on proliferation of RPMI8226 cells and the possible underlying mechanism
[brief](84)  |  [PDF](189)

Use of microbial fuel cells to monitor current production in Qi-deficient liver cells
[brief](102)  |  [PDF](197)

Correlation between the transdermal characteristics of pseudoephedrine and amygdalin in majiepingchuan in vitro
[brief](78)  |  [PDF](188)

Case Report
Therapeutic targets of Traditional Chinese Medicine for colorectal cancer
[brief](84)  |  [PDF](190)

Potential therapeutic applications for Terminalia chebula in Iranian traditional medicine
[brief](71)  |  [PDF](186)

Analysis of factors influencing moxibustion efficacy by affecting heat-activated transient receptor potential vanilloid channels
[brief](85)  |  [PDF](194)

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