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Current: Volume 37, No. 1, February 2017

cover for Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Systematic Reviews
Gualoupi (Pericarpium Trichosanthis) injection in combination with convention therapy for the treatment of angina pectoris: a Meta-analysis
[brief](301)  |  [PDF](354)

Sini decoction as an adjuvant therapy for angina pectoris: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials
[brief](233)  |  [PDF](266)

Clinical Studies
Effect of Guizhi Gancao Longgu Muli Tang on sleep disturbances in menopausal women
[brief](313)  |  [PDF](317)

Effects of Yishengukang decoction on expression of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, carboxyterminal propeptide of type Ⅰ procollagen, and carboxyterminal cross-linked telepeptide of type Ⅰ collagen in malignant tumor patients with bone metastasis
[brief](208)  |  [PDF](262)

Effects of Shengjiangxiexin decoction on irinotecan-induced toxicity in patients with UGT1A1*28 and UGT1A1*6 polymorphisms
[brief](246)  |  [PDF](242)

Effect of electro-acupuncture combined with psychological intervention on mental symptoms and P50 of auditory evoked potential in patients with internet addiction disorder
[brief](226)  |  [PDF](243)

Guasha improves the rating of perceived exertion scale score and reduces heart rate variability in male weightlifters: a randomized controlled trial
[brief](187)  |  [PDF](235)

Experimental Studies
Protective effect of essential oil of Pistacia atlantica Desf. on peptic ulcer: role of α-pinene
[brief](200)  |  [PDF](259)

Effect on platelet aggregation activity: extracts from 31 Traditional Chinese Medicines with the property of activating blood and resolving stasis
[brief](152)  |  [PDF](197)

Effect of brain functional recovery decoction on expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and Ang-1 protein in a rat cerebral ischemia reperfusion model
[brief](141)  |  [PDF](177)

Shenfuqiangxin Capsule inhibits apoptosis through mitogen-activated protein kinase signal pathway in rats with cardio-renal syndrome induced by infrarenal aortic-clamping
[brief](139)  |  [PDF](198)

Efficacy of Ciji Hua'ai Baosheng formula on the expressions of vascular endothelial growth factor, kinase insert domain-containing receptor and basic fibroblast growth factor in mouse models of H22 hepatocellular carcinoma
[brief](138)  |  [PDF](194)

Effects of electroacupuncture at Guanyuan (CV 4) or Sanyinjiao (SP 6) on hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis and spatial learning and memory in female SAMP8 mice
[brief](158)  |  [PDF](190)

Serum from asthmatic rat treated with acupuncture inhibits acetylcholine-induced contractile responses of airway smooth muscle cells
[brief](129)  |  [PDF](195)

Microvascular pathological features and changes in related injury factors in a rat acute blood stasis model
[brief](135)  |  [PDF](169)

Mechanism studies of Xinfeng capsule on improving cardiovascular function though toll-like receptor 4/nuclear factor kappa B pathway in a rat model of adjuvant arthritis
[brief](152)  |  [PDF](187)

Traditional medical uses of Drimia species in terms of phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology
[brief](146)  |  [PDF](198)

Adherence reporting in clinical trials of type 2 Diabetes Metellius in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine
[brief](131)  |  [PDF](174)

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