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Cupping therapy can improve the quality of life of healthy people in Tehran

Author: G Kordafshari, MRS Ardakani, M Keshavarz, MM Esfahani, I Nazem, M Moghimi, A Zargaran, HM Kenari
Page: 558

OBJECTIVE: To examine the influence of cupping on the quality of life of healthy people who referred to traditional Persian medicine clinics in Tehran. METHODS: All participants were examined by Traditional Persian Medicine specialists and their temperaments were determined. The area between the shoulders was cleaned, and cupping was performed with a disposable cupping glass for a few minutes. The questionnaire used in this project was the Persian version of the SF-36 questionnaire which assesses people's understanding of their health status. Before cupping and then one month after cupping, all participants were called and the questionnaires were completed again. Finally, all given data was analyzed. RESULTS: From a total of 290 questionnaires completed in the first phase of the project, 112 patients were excluded. Ultimately, the data of 178 participants was analyzed. After one month, the quality of life score of 155 participants (88%) increased, remained unchanged for 21 participants (11.7%), and decreased for 2 participants (1.1%). Asked about possible complications from cupping, 160 participants reported no side effects (89.9%). CONCLUSION: Our findings suggest that cupping therapy can improve the scores of quality of life in the participants in Tehran.

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