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Effectiveness of Xielikang capsules in treating HIV-related diarrhea by increasing the plasma concentration of interleukin-17

Author: Zhang XW, Guo HJ, Li Z, Xu LR, Zhang AP, Ji AY
Page: 616

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy of Xielikang capsules (XLKC) in the treatment of HIV-related diarrhea (HRD) and its effect on the plasma concentration of interleukin-17 (IL-17). METHODS: This was a randomized, open-label, positively-controlled clinical trial. Sixty-seven HRD patients were randomly assigned to two groups: one group was treated with XLKC (n = 35), the other with diosmectite (SmectaŽ, n = 32). All patients were treated for 4 weeks. The HRD symptom scores were evaluated in each patient based on the frequency of diarrhea, and the quality and shape of the stool according to the Chinese Medicine Clinical Treatment of AIDS Program. The plasma concentration of IL-17 before and after treatment was measured with ELISA. RESULTS: Compared with the SmectaŽ group, the XLKC group had a significantly reduced frequency of diarrhea and HRD symptom score regarding the quality and shape of stools (P < 0.05). The IL-17 concentration in the peripheral blood of the XLKC group was significantly increased after treatment, while the IL-17 concentration in the SmectaŽ group significantly decreased after treatment. CONCLUSION: XLKC improves the symptoms of patients with HRD, and increases the plasma concentration of IL-17.

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