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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Launches New English-Language Website and Marketing Campaign

The Journal of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the leading clinical journals on acupuncture and Oriental medicine launches its a new English-language website this month. Established in 1955, the Journal is jointly sponsored and published by the China Association of Chinese Medicine and the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and is headquartered in Beijing.

The new website is an effort by the Journal to increase its coverage in the field and to expand its worldwide distribution efforts. The Journal currently has 2,000 subscribers to its print edition which in addition to a monthly Chinese edition, publishes quarterly editions in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. The English language edition, published since 1981, will be the central focus of new marketing and promotion efforts to libraries, clinicians, and association outlets.

Chief Editor Liu Zhenguo is excited by the prospects for increasing circulation for the journal with its key constituencies and says the continued growth of the interest and use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West will be a driving force behind the Journals new marketing initiatives which includes a full-time English language editor, webmaster, and a new editorial design and layout which will soon include book reviews, industry developments (in China and abroad), as well as expanded sponsorships and advertising opportunities.

The new website www.journaltcm.com -- offers the following features:

  • Full text access to selected articles from each print issue
  • A sample PDF of a recent issue of the journal
  • A listing of the Table of Contents for every issue from this decade (2009-2000)
  • A secure-online ordering system for new subscribers and back issues

You can also sign up for JTCM First Look, a free Contents service for subscribers, media, or other parties which allows you to get the Table of Contents for the upcoming issue 6-8 weeks before it is published. The Journals main features include Clinical Observations, Basic Investigations, Reviews, Questions and Answers, an Expert's Forum, and Discussions of Clinical Cases. Its key topics include acupuncture and elector-acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, masseotherapy, mind-body therapies, palliative care, and other CAM therapies.

For more information on the Journal, including subscriptions and other information, contact the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine via our website at: info@journaltcm.com. The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is located at 16 Nanxiaojie, Dongzhimen Nei, Beijing 100070.

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